Rodis: Intimacy in Performance

Presented by: Alicia Rodis

A 5-week course study of Intimacy for stage and screen performance by Intimacy Directors Alicia Rodis & Claire Warden of Intimacy Directors International. During this course, you’ll get an overview of numerous aspects of how to safely and effectively tell the story of Intimacy in Performance using the Pillars of IDI.

“Intimacy” in a performance context evokes images of kissing and sexual acts. But the term “Intimacy” also refers to the closeness between dear friends, family, old enemies, and addressed during scenes of sexual violence. Details in choreography keep you connected to your scene partners, both emotionally and physically while respecting personal boundaries.

Topics included:

  • Actor’s prep for scenes of Intimacy, including script work, physical work, and emotional preparation
  • Communication of Personal Boundaries and other professional etiquette practices
  • Best practices and recommended working conditions
  • Consent in the theatre workplace
  • Psychological safety
  • Nudity
  • SAG-AFTRA and Actor’s Equity codes