Scene Study: Greenwich Village Scenes

Instructor: Carol Rosenfeld

Held in person

A 5-week scene study workshop focused on plays and playwrights from the rich artistic history of NYC’s Greenwich Village, the home of HB Studio. Rehearsed scenes are presented in class for critique, feedback, and reworking. Scenes will be drawn from plays by playwrights who made Greenwich Village their home or wrote about its culture, including but not limited to: BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE by John Van Druten, THE SIGN IN SIDNEY BRUSTEIN’S WINDOW by Lorraine Hansberry, and MY SISTER EILEEN by Joseph A. Fields and Jerome Chodorov. If you’d like to suggest a Greenwich Village play or playwright, we welcome and encourage you to do so as well.

Using Uta Hagen’s six steps as a guide, you will work to find authentic inner connection to the character’s details and circumstances and to choose truthful, effective and lively actions. Through extensive examination, research, and experiment, you discover and rediscover the level of action and commitment needed to fulfill the form and idea of the play. Research, preparation, and rehearsal are expected outside of class.

Acting experience required.

“I remembered the beauty of New York at night, viewed not from a smart penthouse on Park Avenue, but from a crowded seat in Washington Square. And it seemed, in spite of its hardness, and irritating, noisy efficiency, a great and exciting place.”

— Noël Coward

Offered as part of “A Great and Exciting Place: HB Studio Celebrates the Theatrical Heritage of Greenwich Village,” made possible by the generous support of the Noel Coward Foundation.