Songwriting Workshop

Instructor: Daniel Harnett

To be held in person at the studio:

First and foremost, this workshop gives you a way to write freely without judgment — about anything… funny, sad, confused, non-sensical. Detailed exercises will make writing a flowing, open process, and within the first 45 minutes or so you will be composing. You will speak or sing out loud, be introduced to actual verse/ chorus song formats, and will be provided with home exercises to keep the composing going when you are not in class. At one point you will bring a recording device to class and, in the last class, an instrument of your choice if you play one.

Throughout the weeks, we will narrow the focus of your writing down to what in your life is important to you… a person, event past or present, a hope, wish, something that confuses you or fills you with joy. Then you will discover in the lines a syncopation/ musicality that makes composing easy and fluid. You will experience how, when the content of what you compose means something to you, the creating of it can happen right then and there, almost like it is creating itself.

Then the songs are like little gems… something you want to share with anyone.