Stanislavsky System with Igor Golyak

Presented by: Igor Golyak

Held in person at the studio

Using the Stanislavsky system approach, you will learn how to expose the “given circumstances,” heighten stakes, understand action, interaction, and objective. As actors, you will learn to justify your actions on stage by applying imagination to the work as well as discover how to make objects, events, and relationships appear real on stage. Units of the “Stanislavsky system” covered in this class:

  1. Creative Attention
  2. Psychological and physical freedom
  3. Imagination and fantasy
  4. The given circumstances”
  5. Changing the attitude to (object, place of action, partner)
  6. Evaluation of an event
  7. Action and interaction
  8. Exercises on interaction under the conditions of “justified” silence
  9. “Etudes” with improvised text (me in the given circumstance)
  10. Observations. Approaching a character.

This class provides a focused progression of experiences to help you acquire and raise your level of skills in the acting craft. You will begin to build “technique” that will assist you as an actor in creating – with confidence and commitment – the life of the human soul on stage.

Igor Golyak is the founder and producing artistic director of Arlekin Players Theatre & Zero Gravity (zero-G) Virtual Theater Lab in Boston. A global leader in the virtual theater movement, he recently directed THE ORCHARD OFF-BROADWAY, a hybrid production (both live and virtual), featuring Jessica Hecht and Mikhail Baryshnikovread more about Igor Golyak

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