Tennessee Williams' CAMINO REAL: Scene Study

Presented by: Austin Pendleton – 

To be held online via Zoom: 

Rehearsed scenes from the Tennessee Williams play CAMINO REAL are critiqued and developed in class.

In preparation for this workshop, you are encouraged to read the play, and invited to bring in a monologue from the text for the first day of class.

About CAMINO REAL: “In this phantasmagorical play, the Camino Real is a dead end, a police state in a vaguely Latin American country, and an inescapable condition. Characters from history and literature—Don Quixote, Casanova, Camille, Lord Byron—inhabit a place where corruption and indifference have immobilized and nearly destroyed the human spirit. Then, into this netherworld, the archetypal Kilroy arrives—a sailor and all-American guy with ‘a heart as big as the head of baby.'” (goodreads.com)

Note: As many scenes as time allows will be presented each week, but it is not expected that all participants will present every session. For a deeper dive into the work, the full 10 weeks (Part A & B) are recommended.

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