The Actor's Homework

Presented by Carol Rosenfeld

Held online over Zoom: 

A workshop series with Carol Rosenfeld based on her workbook, Acting and Living in Discovery.

Discover the extraordinary freedom that’s possible in rehearsal and performance when you are methodical, disciplined, and whole-hearted in your preparation but remain in touch with your beginner’s mind.

These workshops are structured to ratchet up your prep skills, with powerful, flexible tools and techniques to tackle the creative and practical challenges you inevitably face with each new professional role. Take this opportunity to answer nagging questions, confront persistent obstacles, renew your curiosity, risk outside your proven strengths. Think of each workshop as a creative retreat to hone your tools and immerse yourself in exploratory practice.


Winter Part A: Approaching the Role: A Battle Plan for Your Preparation
Learn what you must do to take care of yourself before rehearsals begin. Understand the level of preparation and initiative required if you want to work, competitively, to your full potential.
Text: Acting and Living in Discovery, Chapters 1, 2 and 3.

Winter Part B: Think Doing: The Actor’s Way
Use these tools and techniques to structure your work in a role and to find the clarity of purpose you need every time you prepare to go onstage. Through a process of imaginative questioning and selecting, you will rediscover the extraordinary power couched in the actor’s most elemental questions: What do I want? What do I need? What do I do? Knowing deep within you what you want to achieve, priming yourself to be alive to your circumstances, and bringing yourself into the moment with all that stands in your way will propel you into meaningful life on stage.
Text: Acting and Living in Discovery, Chapter 4.

Required reading: ACTING AND LIVING IN DISCOVERY by Carol Rosenfeld