The Expressive Actor: Play, Movement & Voice

A creative summer online workshop that explores the principles of play. 

Presented by: Ilse Pfeifer

To be held online over Zoom: 

The performer’s physical training includes physical balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, stamina, spatial awareness, ease and an implicit sense of playfulness. If you want to explore your physical practice in support of moving away from “getting it right,” then this workshop is for you. Through playful physical and vocal guided improvisations and principles, we will develop your intrinsic ability to connect with your physicality, holistically exploring the freedom and playfulness of your imagination. At the heart of this workshop is a love for holistic expressive movement, which offers freedom to the performer who embodies the physical training. You will be invited to go through a physical warm up that has at its core a deeply connected sense of play. You will develop spatial awareness, learn to stay in process, and with that, see the possibilities within your capacity to free your instrument as an actor to support the life of a play.

If you love the body’s expressive potential within yourself and others, have had previous movement training but have not had a chance to explore this for a while, and/or are deeply yearning to experience greater freedom within your embodied actor’s expressivity, come and join us.

Current and Upcoming