Williams- Clown for Actors

Presented by: Justine Williams

A clown workshop for actors at all levels of experience.

The discovery of the clown is essentially the rediscovery of the actor’s playful spirit.

When we rediscover our playful spirit and share ourselves generously with an audience, then we come to life onstage. Through clown, we gain deeper access to our imagination and our unique sense of pleasure in performing, and we are more able to stand in our humanity, our vulnerability and our authenticity onstage. In this clown workshop, through a series of exercises drawn from le jeu/play, games, and approaches to physical acting and ensemble-building – we will pursue the clown in all of its beautiful, messy glory.

This process will prepare actors for deeper, more advanced work in clown and its related forms (farce, commedia, heightened text), but also the actor’s relationship to all other forms of drama will be transformed by accessing the softness and abandon that the clown requires.