Acting on Camera: from the Audition to the Set

Presented by Ted Brunetti.

This course is based on principles presented in Ted’s free May 16th Seminar*, “Never Audition Again! (Prepare to Work, Not Audition)”

This 9-session course is for professional/advanced actors, looking to take their work to the next level. We will build bridges from the classroom and professional experiences to working in front of a camera: from an audition, tapings, and on-set. Expectations will be high and class will move at a quick pace. This is the first time Ted Brunetti is conducting this course in New York.

COURSE IS DESIGNED TO LEAD YOU STEP BY STEP on where to most effectively spend your time and energy: What to do from the moment you get the appointment, through the audition process, to the performance of your role.

You will learn, audition for, and perform roles from two different scenes (film or television material). We will repeat this process twice:

Be given scene IN CLASS and be guided step by step what to do. You will be taught very specific tools to use, including a most effective process for HOW TO LEARN MATERIAL, which you will do IN CLASS.

Perform the scene OFF BOOK, ON SET, FULL ON. As in a professional situation, you will arrive ready to WORK, be directed, and perform the role fully. You will be given adjustments and then apply them.

Be TAPED, ONE-ON-ONE for the role; view playbacks; receive notes and adjustments; and then RE-TAPE, applying notes and adjustments.

At the end of each class will be a quick review of what was covered, with insight and reminders on how to “connect the dots”; reinforcing what tools and principles are being presented that class and how best to apply them.

Establish a clear, simple, strong and effective work process that includes preparation, with special attention to the challenges inherent to the audition and work process. Each actor walks away with the greatest amount of practical information and skills that can be immediately applied to your work.

* It is strongly suggested you attend this free Seminar to gain the most from this Course.

For more information on other HB Studio acting classes in NYC, please feel free to download our 2017 course catalog.