Acting through Ensemble 1

*This class has been cancelled for the Spring 2019 Term, if you are interested in working with David Deblinger, we recommend you please join his Acting 1 or Acting 2 class in the Spring. 

This introduction to acting is a journey to explore meaning, and that which matters and rings true to each of you in regards to the telling of story. We will build a sacred space and connection where the group feels comfortable being playful and taking risks, lowering inhibitions to express yourself, in your own voice.

We will explore important ideas in acting like, “stakes,” “action,” “intention,” “obstacle” “internal and external conflict,” and more.  A variety of exercises and improvisations will elicit from you theme-based stories or moments from the past (as well as the imagination) that hold meaning now. You will be asked to create improvisations based on both your life and imagination, aimed at creating honest, compelling behavior to serve a story being told.

The process will mirror the creation of Labyrinth Theater Company which became defined by three tenets: “Ensemble based – Multi-disciplinary – Self generating.”  It will also offer tools and practice with “playing actions,” “developing a personal understanding of a role,” and perhaps most importantly, “listening.”