The Art of Directing

The Art of Directing 2023 will occur over 3 Terms – Winter, Spring & Fall: 

  • The Art of Directing – Part I: Essential Tools for the Director – Winter 2023
  • The Art of Directing – Part II: Practical Application – Spring 2023
  • Directors New Play Lab: OnStage Application – Productions – Fall 2023

All Terms taught by industry professional Pat Golden

The Art of Directing – Part I: Essential Tools for the Director – Winter 2023 – In Person – Starts January 9 (Register now!)

The Director holds a privileged position in theatre, film and television. Understand the role of the Director. Find your artistic voice. Develop tools to communicate it. Turn your vision into reality. Understand dramaturgy, as it informs and drives each element of your piece. Draw on your own personal experience and insights to shape your Storytelling. Think Independently. Articulate an active Point-of-View. Develop your Vocabulary to communicate successfully with actors. Create Functional Ground Plans. Where is the focus? Discover Artful Composition and the Art in Blocking. Creative development empowers the Director to establish a strong foundation.

What you learn in Part I will ready your work for PRACTICAL APPLICATION in Classes II & III.

Part I will focus on Essential Elements for Directors:

  • Connect with the Text
  • Understand Dramaturgy, as it informs and drives each element of the piece
  • Draw on your own Personal Experience & Insights to creatively shape Storytelling
  • Independent Thinking
  • Build a Strong Foundation

Practical Application:

  • Script Analysis
  • Script Breakdowns
  • Articulate an active Point-of-View
  • Vocabulary – How to Talk with Actors
  • Create Functional Ground Plans
  • Discover the Art in Blocking – Where is the Focus?
  • Discover the Art in Composition
  • Prep Rehearsal Plans

PREREQUISITE for PART I: Open to all

To Do Before First Class: Choose 3 known, published plays that appeal to you.

Required Reading: A Challenge for the Actor, by Uta Hagen

The Art of Directing: Part II – Practical Application – Spring 2023 – In Person (Registration opens February 5)

Implement all of the Tools that you’ve gained – script analysis, composition, blocking, focus, communicating with Actors, rehearsal plans – in AoD Part I to tell stories with clarity and impact.

In Part II learn to:

  • Practically Apply Skills Required to Direct Actors
  • Cast Actors – It’s the Director’s #1 Job
  • Communicate Effectively with Actors
  • Understand the Actor’s Work – What is Important to the Actor?
  • Create Successful Director-Actor Relationships
  • Work with the Actor on Character Development – Backstory, Motivation, Subtext
  • Create Your Directorial Vision – Interpretation of the Material
  • Sharpen Your Storytelling Skills
  • Recognize Points-of-Contact
  • Set the Tone
  • Engage Your Audience
  • Create Rehearsal Plans and Schedules
  • Work with Actors in Outside Rehearsals to Present Scenes in Class

PREREQUISITE for PART II: Prior enrollment in Art of Directing OR by submission of an application. Apply online at this link: link

To Do Before First Class: Choose 3 Two-Character Scenes from known, published works to submit.

Directors New Play Lab – Part III: OnStage Application – Productions – Fall 2023 (Registration opens August 1)

Turn your Vision into Reality on Stage at HB Studio’s Playwright Theatre. Implement all that you have learned in AoD I & II to Create Your Directorial Vision. Sign Up and Learn More At This Link!