Movement for Those Who Think They Can’t

Presented by: Melana Lloyd

Introduction To The Body. This class begins with movement basics to build your overall body awareness, with exploration of the body’s core and the basis for core strength. You develop your sense of the body’s parts: feet, ankles, knees, pelvis, waist, torso, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, neck, head, using the language of imagination and imagery as it speaks to muscles, movement, and sensation, drawing on imaginary objects and the Laban efforts. We experiment with improvisation, experiencing different qualities of movement. We explore balance, standing up—sitting down, awareness of the floor/the ground, walking, running, swinging, rhythm. We encounter space and spacial relationships—near/nearer, far, in-front-of, in-back-of, beside—becoming aware of the physical elements we use in interaction and in conflict. We encounter time: fast and slow, duration, perception of duration, acceleration; shapes and what shapes imply: open/closed, big/small. You explore contact—taking another person’s weight, lifts, falling—and learn about safety in partnering. Through these investigations we come to play and the fundamental, exhilarating joy of moving.