Period Style: Edwardian Era

Presented by: Janice Orlandi

An Uta Hagen Centennial Seminar

An advanced, two-part movement for actors course, inspired by Uta Hagen’s Historic Imagination exercises. You are invited to sign up for either five-week part or for the full ten weeks: $195 each or both for $375. 

Period Style: Edwardian Era
The objective is to build an ensemble of actors that create and fully embody the world and the physical attributes, silhouette, presence, deportment, ease, manners, style and dances of the late Victorian and early Edwardian Era. This includes adjustments to status, dress, protocol, use of props and furniture, social customs and cultural landscape of the Era.

Referencing Uta Hagen’s Historic Imagination exercises and applying Williamson Physical Technique and Period Styles, we explore Period-Style Dance, Deportment, Protocols and Manners, Period Dramaturgy, Rank, Status, Deportment Parlor Games, Fan Language, and Historic Costumes. You will develop an Edwardian Movement Score; walking, sitting, bows, stance, deportment and silhouette of the period, adding the use of props — as in a fan or hankie, walking stick, and gloves — with adjustments to the character’s age, physical conditions, status, rank and social class. You will research historic characters of the era that traveled in similar social circles; Aristocrats, Royalty, Heads of State and Artists who hobnobbed in such social circles as the “Marlborough Set.” The ensemble will research and dramaturge London Society in the 1890’s, “The Belle Époque” — including ballroom dancing (Waltz, Quadrille, Grand March of the 1890’s), parlor games, ballroom etiquette and protocol — and will incorporate “Period Movement” and Parlor & Theater Games with texts from celebrated playwrights of the era such as Oscar Wilde and others.

Part B will culminate in mounting an ensemble-devised etude, “Period Style Salon, a Grand Ball in the Belle Epoch,” for an invited audience. The Salon will include ballroom dancing, parlor games, entertainments, ballroom etiquette and protocol, and incorporating period character and tableaus with texts from playwrights of the era.

Cast of Characters Includes: Queen Victoria and British Royal Family, The Romanov Imperial Family, Kaiser of Germany, Empress of Austria, Emperor of Japan, Young Winston Churchill, John Singer Sargent, Ellen Terry, Sarah Bernhardt, Henry Irving, Oscar Wilde, Rudyard Kipling, Lilly Langtry, Madame Sissieretta Jones, Edwin Booth, James Whistler, Molly Brown, Henry Ford, and more

Rehearsal clothes and props:
Ladies: Long skirts with an attached train, character shoes, opera gloves, corset, Pearls, fan and small hankie.
Gentleman: walking Stick, handkerchief, Vest, white shirt and tie that can be adjusted to the period, suit Jacket, dress shoes or a jazz lace up shoes.

*Please Note: Part A is Open to All. Part B is open to those continuing from Part A, or by application. This application is now closed. To participate in the culminating event, “Period Style Salon, a Grand Ball in the Belle Epoch,” participation in Part B is required.

Woman holding fan playing the Empress in an Edwardian period style salon