Speaking Voice 3 / Studio Practice

This class employs and builds on the de-structuring and restructuring processes of Fitzmaurice Voicework®, devised by Catherine Fitzmaurice.

Bodywork and voicework-related integrative explorations personalize your vocal practice in support of a healthy vocal instrument. Advanced experimental work in voice, further exploring skills and awareness developed in Levels 1-3, incorporating speech, text, and movement. This class functions as a workout for intermediate and advanced students, giving you the opportunity to build synthesis with the different aspects of your acting work, and also to address and develop awareness of specific individual challenges arising from your vocal practice as you work towards the integration of voice, speech and acting within the performance and rehearsal process. You will explore a variety of texts and circumstances that include bodywork and movement with an ever more complex emphasis on the layering of language, sound, form, and meaning. This class will include several segments of vocal integration practice work in the theater space.