Happy New Year! A Note of Reflection and Gratitude

Dear Friends:

This year has been difficult for the theater world and for artists everywhere. We have found moments of joy too, and we have triumphed in discovering new possibilities and ways of working together.

What stands beautifully apart amidst all that has transpired is the outstanding work and dedication of artists. Many, many times we were taken aback by you—by your ingenious creativity, your resolve and your humanity. As actors we learn to adapt to circumstances, and adapt you did, with grit and grace.

As we look ahead to a new year full of both questions and promise, we can acknowledge the difficult journey we have been on and appreciate the power of the work we have set out to do.

We have felt the pain of loss and hardship, and we are reckoning with deep divisions and injustices in our world. But we have also been reminded of what it really means to be an artist; what it means to wrestle with the circumstances of our world and to give that meaning.

Above technical skill, we must cultivate creative work that gives expression to our lives; work that reveals the human condition in all its complexity and touches others in the unspoken ways that only art can.

This year, more than ever, we are grateful for the connection we have with one another. HB’s community is rich with compassion, support, and inspiration, and each one of us brings an urgent and unique creative voice to that dynamic conversation.

Please join us in taking this time to reflect on all of this and to set intentions for yourself and your work in 2021. What will you bring to the New Year? We look forward to seeing you in the Studio, wherever it lives, wherever we make it together.

With gratitude,

HB Studio