Harriet Bigus

1952 – 1955

I remember my first day, and cognizant of the sign that said, “do not enter while a scene was in progress.” so I didn’t. But when I did there was Geraldine Page receiving her critique after doing a scene (the opening one of course) of Masha’s in “The Three Sisters.” Oh what I had missed!
But most of all, and through those lucky years, I remember Uta…in her little hats and with her little dog…and remember that of all the teachers I studied with and there were more…Uta cared first and foremost and always about beauty. Her love of our art was palpitating…true, sincere and her critiques incisive. I remember such words from her how the word “just” is never to be used. Her insistence on “Action”…and remember, every minute of her teaching, was infused with love…