HB Studio, est. 1945, is a globally recognized training studio with the privilege of working with artists from all over the world. Our HB Insight Series episodes feature a variety of these artists and focuses on the question: what lies beyond the work we see? What was the journey that this artist took to get to where they are? Within each of these stories is a love letter written for all artists and the audiences that appreciate them.

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Episode 3: Ashley Olive Teague & Gwen Kingston

Artist-in-Residency, Ashley Olive Teague and Playwright, Gwen Kingston, share with us the development of their residency project: DICK, excavating the iconic text of Moby Dick and telling stories from womxn, and non-binary folx perspective. Not to mention their work with Notch Theatre Company in helping communities through art.

Host: Francesca Ferrara

Episode 2: Richard Hoehler

Richard Hoehler discusses his company, ACTING OUT: a theatre that offers professional training, practice, and performance opportunities for the formerly incarcerated. Each participant in ACTING OUT experienced the transformative value of a theatre program while in prison and wish to continue their training upon release.

Co-Host: Richie Dang
Host: Francesca Ferrara

Episode 1: Ben Mehl

It’s our first episode! Long time student and now-instructor, Francesca Ferrara is joined by co-host and HB Alumni, Yessi Hernandez as they talk to Movement & Core Instructor, Ben Mehl about how he got his start in acting, becoming a teaching artist, and his vision- all leading to his role in season 3 of Netflix’s You.

Co-Host: Yessi Hernandez
Host: Francesca Ferrara

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