HB Recommends: Virtual Performances, Discussions, and Opportunities for Artists

Now more than ever we need engagement and support. In this time of isolation, we encourage you to stay connected and engaged with the field and with your craft. HB Studio has compiled a list of online performance opportunities, live-streamed performances, discussions with artists, and events for actors and theater-makers to explore. We will continue to update our list of recommendations as more opportunities become available (last updated August 28, 2020).

In the Business with Noah Hawley

HB students are invited to meet acclaimed showrunner, filmmaker and author Noah Hawley! This Meet & Greet is a unique opportunity for actors and artists to ask their burning questions about what to expect IN THE BUSINESS.

Join us on February 25, 2022 at 3:303pm for a chance to ask questions about: how to get engaged in the industry, the process of creating and writing a show, etc. This is also an opportunity for you to learn more about the different perspective roles in the industry that actors often work in closely with. 

The conversation will be moderated by Francesca Ferrara.

RSVP to the event here.

Voices from the Frontlines: COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter Performance Lab

Participating actors in HB Teacher Paul Pryce’s summer Performance Lab “The Interview Project” interviewed several individuals out on the frontlines of this double pandemic. The actors were tasked to find a story that resonated with them and which sheds light on their personal experience with the coronavirus or the protests for racial justice and equality. Watch the performances from August 22 and August 23, 2020.

Newly Launched: RESET Theatre Coalition

Conch Shell Productions, in collaboration with Braata Productions and Kumu Kahua Theater, has formed RESET Theatre Coalition, which is committed to presenting new works by American playwrights – of African, Caribbean, Native American,  Latin American, Central American, Asian, European, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Polynesian descent – that will inspire a RESET in America.


HB Teacher Melissa Errico released TWO SPRING SONGS FOR SUMMER available to listen on Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music.

HB Connects: Shakespeare Reading Recommendations from Peter Francis James

#HBConnects is a new series that features the many voices of HB – alumni, faculty, students, friends and colleagues. Following are recommendations from Shakespearean actor and teacher at HB Studio, Peter Francis James.

  • THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR by William Shakespeare
  • HENRY VI, PARTS I, II & III by William Shakespeare
  • TIMON OF ATHENS by William Shakespeare