HB Residency Project “BEE” Seeks Middle Eastern Actresses

BEE has received a residency with HB Studio for the end of October to mid November 2017, and they are looking for an ensemble that is creative and open to playing.

This is a new work based on Izat Erfani’s life in Langarud, Iran set in 1940’s. The focus of the work is a young woman trying to give her children more and intertwine that with the interviews from Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees. The piece will include movement and original compositions.

The play will be performed by only females and will have women playing men. The ages listed are the character’s age but the actress’ age is flexible.

If interested in auditioning please email lesshakespeareco@gmail.com selecting a date and a time slot will be given.


  • Dariush (male 30-45)husband to Izat, 20 years older than her, has internal demons and likes to be in control
  • Sharhrazad(female 18-25) – Izat’s best friend, loyal and strong willed, enjoys life
  • Zahra(female 35-50) – Izat’s mom, independent, kind and strong, she works as a principal for the girl’s school in Langarud, Iran
  • Rahman(male 40-65)- Izat’s father, a religious man and leader in the community, kind and wise
  • Nassar(male 30’s) Izat’s second husband, reserved but kind, strives to do what is right

Auditions (by appointment):

Friday 9/1/17

Tuesday 9/5/17

Wednesday 9/6/17

Call Backs Thursday 9/7/17

Rehearsal and Production Dates
Rehearsals from September 10-November 4th (4 a week)
Tech: October 28, 29, 2017
Performances: November 5, 6, 11, 12, 18, 19, 2017