HB Studio stands in solidarity with Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities

HB Artists, Friends, and Colleagues:

HB Studio stands in solidarity with Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, and against those who would perpetrate racially-motivated violence, verbal, or psychological attacks against them. Xenophobia, bigotry, and discrimination of any kind are unacceptable, as are systemic racism, white supremacy, and the power structures and misinformation that protect and support them. We take pride and pleasure in convening and supporting the diverse, international, multigenerational community that gives HB its energy and creative vitality. Our strength is in the dynamic exchange of ideas and culture.

In the wake of the tragic losses in Atlanta and the escalation of anti-Asian harassment and violence, we acknowledge and confront a long history in America of anti-Asian bias and discrimination, both implicit and explicit. We are committed to examining, recognizing, and repairing the systemic biases in our own culture, and actively intervening and supporting in situations where AAPI persons are marginalized or subjected to harm. We will stand for the AAPI communities’ right to joy, to a sense of safety, and wellbeing. We are also firmly committed to lifting and valuing their voices at such a challenging time. We will use the tools we have as artists to promote understanding and to raise the questions that will point us toward a more promising, more equitable, and inclusive future.


HB Studio

Hollaback Bystander Intervention

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