Pablo Andrade

Headshot of Pablo Andrade, Actor and Acting Coach

Teaching Statement:

Acting is a wonderful way of discovering ourselves in the process of bringing imaginary circumstances to life. An actor’s job is endless. We have the responsibility of pouring our hearts out, bringing our souls in and committing our guts to the work. Acting is doing! It’s about being truly alive in your body, setting yourself free to follow your own impulses, training yourself to listen, staying curious in the process, understanding nothing is final and everything changes, opening yourself to discover new layers within your work, creating personal moments that will define you, and staying humble and passionate to keep building your tool box. All these abilities come together in just one word that will be key throughout your career: technique.

In my classes Acting 1 and Actuar en Español, I will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses, develop your abilities as a performer and help you shape the tools that will make your work unique as an actor. We will play and learn how to prepare your body and mind for the work through improvisational games and theatrical warm ups. Then, we will discover and invest ourselves into Uta Hagen’s exercises as a basic foundation of our training as established in her book: A CHALLENGE FOR THE ACTOR. In Actuar en Español 2, we continue this while exploring its application to the rehearsal and performance of scenes. We will explore, create and grow together.

Acting is a big, brave act of faith. The first act starts right here, in the class. Show up. Do the work. Repeat.


Pablo Andrade is a Venezuelan-born New York based actor, director and producer. He is the Founder and Artistic Director of Corezon theater company and has been working as a professional theater artist for over 15 years. Since his arrival to New York City in 2011, Andrade has collaborated with companies such as Repertorio Español, Tectonic Theater Project, The Public Theater, Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, Teatro Círculo, Russian Arts Theater, IATI, HB Ensemble Theater, Teatro SEA, LaMicro Theater, INTAR, and others. As a teacher, Andrade has trained actors in the US, Latin America and Europe. As a director, he has been mentored by Tony Award recipients Jack Hofssis and Thomas Kail. As an actor, he played the leading role of the New York Times Critics’ Pick production of Mario Vargas Llosa’s AUNT JULIA AND THE SCRIPTWRITER, and dozens of other plays and films. Pablo Andrade is a proud alumnus of HB Studio and The Uta Hagen Institute as well as the Cultural Visitor Program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Some of his awards include: ATI Award for Breakthrough Director (2018), HOLA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Directing (2017), Fuerza Award for Best Director (2017), Latin ACE Award for Best Actor Drama (2015), and HOLA Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor (2014).

Pablo Andrade es actor, director, productor y maestro de actuación venezolano establecido Nueva York, con una trayectoria profesional de más de 15 años; es Director Artístico Fundador de la compañía de teatro Corezon y es profesor de HB Studio y del Moment Work Institute. Desde su llegada a Nueva York en 2011, Andrade ha trabajado con las compañías: Repertorio Español, Tectonic Theater Project, The Public Theater, Teatro Rodante Puertorriqueño, Teatro Círculo, Russian Arts Theater, IATI, HB Ensemble Theater, Teatro SEA, LaMicro Theater, INTAR, entre otras. Como maestro, Andrade ha formado a actores en Estados Unidos, América Latina y Europa; como director, ha estado bajo la tutela de los ganadores del Tony Jack Hofsiss y Thomas Kail; y como actor, protagonizó una de las obras favoritas de los críticos del New York Times: LA TÍA JULIA Y EL ESCRIBIDOR de Mario Vargas Llosa, y decenas de otras obras obras, filmes y comerciales. Pablo Andrade es orgullosamente egresado del HB Studio y del Hagen Institute, y también formó parte del Programa de Visitantes Culturales del John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. Entre otros reconocimientos, ha recibido el Premio ATI como Director Revelación (2018), Premio Fuerza 2017 como Mejor Director, El Premio HOLA 2017 como Director Destacado, el Premio ACE 2015 como Mejor Actor y el Premio HOLA 2014 como Actor Destacado.

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