Theresa Buchheister

Theresa Buchheister is a director, performer, researcher, teacher and script-adapter in the wide world of Voice Over in New York City. Theresa has directed hundreds of audiobooks, including HOW MUSIC WORKS (by David Byrne), THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER, THE YOUNG INNOVATOR’S GUIDE TO STEM with TIME’s Kid of the Year, Gitanjali Rao, and THE DEEPEST BREATH by Meg Grehan. Theresa has directed English dubs of cartoons including POKÉMON, THE WINX CLUB, WORLD OF WINX, ROBOCAR POLI, BOYGIRLDOGCATMOUSECHEESE, and many other cartoons, video games, and ADR for live-action films. As a performer, Theresa has narrated audiobooks including THE COAL ELF CHRONICLES by Maria DeVivo, JUDGE’S GIRLS by Sharina Harris, countless erotica audiobooks, a young adult novel and various textbooks. Theresa has voiced characters on POKÉMON, THE WINX CLUB, MILLY, and many other cartoons, as well as several hentai films. Theresa is the director for the upcoming fantasy podcast, THE SOMETIMES KINGDOM by Ethan Gould. Theresa has taught high school students in Long Island, private classes for actors at a variety of New York studios, and at SAG. Theresa has adapted many translations into workable scripts and worked on the research team at Recorded Books, transcribing difficult words into a simple phonetic alphabet so that actors pronounce everything correctly and consistently.

Theresa is the new Artistic Director of The Brick theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and is a co-founder and artistic director of Title:Point , an experimental theater company in New York since 2006. Title:Point has presented work at The Ontological/Incubator Arts, Dixon Place, The Brick, Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, Cloud City, The Silent Barn, The Glove, Hell Phone, Basement Bar, CATCH at Invisible Dog and The Knockdown Center, Little Theatre, Legion, K&M Bar, Frank’s North Star Tavern, AS220, in the back of 16-ft trucks, Gravesend Recording Studio, and has had residencies with HB Studio, NACL, Incubator Arts, and Pilot Balloon. Title:Point ran Vital Joint, an underground venue in East Williamsburg. Theresa also created and curates a live performance festival in January, The Exponential Festival, which presents theater, dance, performance art, and music across many venues, including JACK, The Brick, Bushwick Starr, Vital Joint, The Glove, Chez Bushwick, Triskelion Arts, Loading Dock and more. Theresa primarily directs, but also curates, produces, writes, performs and designs.

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