Jackson Moran

Headshot of actor Jackson Moran

Teaching Statement:

“I want my class to be a place where actors have the freedom to explore what kind of artist they want to be.

“What kind of work do you want to do as an actor? What writers are you drawn to? How can you bring yourself to each role you play? How are actors creative artists in their own right?

“We will take the time to work through the principles of acting technique, step by step, as we begin to develop an approach to working on a role.

“I will work to foster a safe, creative space, where the risk of failure is energizing and embraced, because it’s a natural part of the creative process.

“I will encourage you to bring your own unique self to each exercise and project. Eventually, I will ask you to bring in material that’s exciting for you and that inspires your own curiosity.

“And I will give you as many opportunities as possible in the short time that we have to get up and practice your art, so that you can develop for yourself a sense of truth, take ownership of the tools that actors use, and nurture your own sense of fun and joy as performers.

“This class is just one small phase in a much larger journey toward realizing your potential, so I approach it with respect, compassion and patience, and ask that everyone joining us does the same.”


Jack Vincent Moran is an actor, writer and teacher based in Brooklyn. Jack was a company member of The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey for six years, where he performed in more than a dozen productions, including THE TEMPEST, ROMEO & JULIET, THE WINTER’S TALE, COMEDY OF ERRORS, NOISES OFF, THE GRAPES OF WRATH, and A MIDSUMMER NIGTH’S DREAM. Other favorite theatre credits include PLAY ON! SHAKESPEARE (Classic Stage), THE OEDIPUS CYCLE (Pearl Theatre Company), PARFUMERIE, opposite Richard Schiff (Wallis Annenberg Center, LA), Wit (Triad Stage), and ANGELS IN AMERICA (Yale Drama). Television credits include Zero Day (Netflix), THE DEUCE and THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA (HBO).

As a teaching artist, he has experience in a variety of educational settings, including arts education programs, artist-in-school residencies, and at the college level. Before pursuing acting, Jack began his career as a teacher’s assistant in a special education classroom in a New Jersey public school. His solo show, ALL THIS NOISE, a mixed-media project about mental health and families, premiered at the Yale Cabaret and was subsequently adapted for touring to healthcare conferences. Jack is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama and an alum of the HB Teacher’s Lab.