Marc Durso

1985 – 1987

I studied with Uta Hagen’s protege, Charles Nelson Reilly at the Burt Reynolds Institute. With his recommendation I auditioned for Ms. Hagen’s class, even getting the chance to act with her in class on a scene from FRANNY AND ZOEY. Ten years later I associate directed Ms. Hagen in the premiere of AFTER ALL/Vincent Canby, co-starring Fritz Weaver and directed by Charles Nelson Reilly. It was such an honor to work on, to co-create, a new work of art with the greatest of artists, Ms. Hagen. I now write and direct short films and teach her process at the Broadway Theatre Project, around the world: The Netherlands, Israel, Panama, Venezuela, Canada, and across the USA, with clients starring on Broadway, ABC, CBS, Nickelodeon and telenovelas.