A Diary of the Nazi Years

An HB Studio performance

Playwright: Victor Klemperer Adapted by:  Karen Malpede & Bartenieff  A Diary of the Nazi Years - HB Studio

Cast: George Bartenieff

A Diary of the Nazi Years was performed February 25th – 26th, March 4th – 5th, March 10th – 11th

Synopsis: This diary represents the unusual perspective of a Jew throughout all twelve years of Nazi power. Its unique contribution to the field of Holocaust literature is its step-by-step presentation of the systematic dehumanization and persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany. Some readers focus on the fact that Klemperer knew Germans who were sympathetic to him as a Jew at a time when it was unpopular to be so. Others hold the diary up as evidence that the horrors of the Holocaust were widely known at the time, an issue that has been sharply debated over the years. Regardless of the reader’s or scholar’s interpretation of the diary, its important historical value is universally recognized.