Mall America

An HB Studio Performance

Playwright: Peter Sagal Mall America - HB Studio

Director: William Carden

Cast: Todd Crain, Jodie Markall, Ken Marks, Tony Martinez, Stephen Mendillo, Adam Rose, Eddie Weiss, Guy Whitlock

Director: William Carden Set: Ray Recht Costume: Deborah R. Rosen Lighting: Chris Dallos Sound: Bob Auld Production Manager: Kimberly I. Kefgen Casting: Stuart Howard, Amy Schecter, Howard Meltzer C.S.A. Casting Assistant: Deborah Leipzig

Mall America was performed April 7th – 9th,  12th – 15th,  19th – 22nd

Synopsis: Allison was feeling weird so she hopped a bus to the mall. A man on the bus was also feeling weird. But he had a gun…and lots of ammunition.

A Diary of the Nazi Years

An HB Studio performance

Playwright: Victor Klemperer Adapted by:  Karen Malpede & Bartenieff  A Diary of the Nazi Years - HB Studio

Cast: George Bartenieff

A Diary of the Nazi Years was performed February 25th – 26th, March 4th – 5th, March 10th – 11th

Synopsis: This diary represents the unusual perspective of a Jew throughout all twelve years of Nazi power. Its unique contribution to the field of Holocaust literature is its step-by-step presentation of the systematic dehumanization and persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany. Some readers focus on the fact that Klemperer knew Germans who were sympathetic to him as a Jew at a time when it was unpopular to be so. Others hold the diary up as evidence that the horrors of the Holocaust were widely known at the time, an issue that has been sharply debated over the years. Regardless of the reader’s or scholar’s interpretation of the diary, its important historical value is universally recognized.


The Wax

HB Studio’s Herbert Berghof Memorial Production

Playwright: Kathleen Tolan The Wax - HB Studio

Director: William Carden

Cast: Max Chalawsky*, Bruno Gioiello, David Greenspan*, Anne Lange*, Alice McLane*, Julia Muller*, Tracy Sallows*, David Simonds*, Janet Zarish*.

Director: William Carden Set: Markas Henry Costumes: Amela Baksic Lighting: Chris Dallos Sound: Robert Auld Composer and Musical Advisor: Richard Beaudoin Master Electrician: Josh Allen Casting: Stuart Howard, Amy Schecter, Howard Meltzer Production: Kimberly I. Kefgen

*Appearing courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association

The Wax was performed November 5th – 21st, 1999

Synopsis: At an out of town wedding, in a hotel by the sea, a bevy of soul-searching writers and scientists finds itself catapulted into full existential crisis. When lust and longing pervade, passion and poetry prevail, in this postmodern ode to middle-age mania.