A Slaying Song Tonight

Playwright: Douglas Marland Adapted to Radio Form: Marie Stroud

Director: Susan Lehman

Cast: Shirley Bodtke, Jane Altman, Jason McAuliffe, Rick Laub, Wayne Moore, Bella Jarrett, Douglas Stark, Holly Maguire, Ken McKee, James Bormann, Randall Robbins and Lynn Adams

Lighting Designer: Douglas Murray Production Manager:  Marlene Mancini Technical Director:  Timothy Farmer Stage Manager: Petrina McGowen Composer: Jason McAuliffe Sound Manager: John Carle Master Electrician:  Marc Burd Production Assistant:  Doris Brook Poster: Robert Biro Photograph: Ken McKee Hospitality: Dawn Gallagher, Vanessa French, Rena Stavrolakes and Jan Selling

A Slaying Song Tonight was performed July 25th – 31st of the year 1975.