An Evening of Spoken Poetry

Playwright: William Packard

Director: William Packard, Roberta Bennett, Leigh Burch, Penny duPont, Carol Lanyi, William Packard and Margaret Sherman

Cast: Walt Whitman, Robert Lowell, May Swenson, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Allen Ginsberg, Stanley Kunitz, Henry David Thoureau, Robert Creeley, Richard Wilbur, W.H. Auden, Kenneth Patchen and Miroslav Holub

Lighting: Patrika Brown Production Manager: Marlene Mancini Assistants to Ms. Packard: Roberta Bennett and Margaret Sherman Program: Carol Bedger

An Evening of Spoken Poetry was performed Feb. 24 – 25th of the year 1968.


Thirteen poems are presented in an Evening of Spoken Poetry by twelve different poets in an evening. These are performed in HB Studio in 1968 all starting at the time of nine in the evening.