An HB Studio Student Workshop Production

Playwright: Mary Hall Surface

Director:  Trudy Steibl

Cast: Allison Abrams, David Adams, Emily Adler, Molly Carden, Michael Carrigan, Tigran Eldred, Liam Mitchell, Suzanne Wasik.

Stage Managers: Elizabeth Froese & Robert Crosby.

Blessings was performed on January 25th-27th

Synopsis: What is it like to be cursed and blessed at the same time? “Blessings” looks at questions of parenting and childing, of being lost and being found all in one weekend in the Santa Cruz mountains. While all of us are not faced everyday by Rene’s challenges- severe dyslexia and auditory perception deficit- we are all blessed and cursed by who we are, and, just as importantly, by what others think we are.