Playwright: Michael Straight

Director: Edward Morehouse

Cast: Edward Greer, Edward Moorehouse, Ken Chapin, Jeffrey Koppel, Kurt H. Levister, Gary Enck, Tom McCready III, Austin Pendleton, Paul Thomas, Michael Moody, Robert Giarrtimo, Thomas McCready, Edward Horton, Renos Mandis, James Norman, Antonio Canal, Brandwell Teuscher, Eddy Grove, Gary Swartz, Terry Deck, Christopher Scott, Raymond Alvin, James Norman, Robert Giarratano, John Le Grand, Edward Garrabrandt, Rik Pierce, Robert Vervoordt, George Bartenieff, Earle Hyman, Michael Mullins, Ronald Silver, Ron Vaad, John Gillespie and Rosemary De Angelis

Lighting Designer: Tony Quintavalla Guitarist: Hyman Gubernick Production Assistant and Lighting Technician: Claudia J.Dobkins Stage Manager: John Gillespie Assistant Stage Managers: Claudia Dobkins and Michael Mullins

Caravaggio was performed October 18th – 26th of the year 1969.


Caravaggio is a play about an artist of genius. He could be one of a number of men, if the play has any general validity; he is, in fact, drawn wholly, and I hope faithfully, from one man.