Cawfee Tawk

Part of “The 2nd Six Playwrights in Search of a Production…”

Playwright: Jenifer Badamo The 2nd Six Playwrights in Search of a Production - HB Studio

Director: Marlene Mancini

Cast: Nicole Pandolfo, Marina Re, Sophia Remolde, Jenny Mollen.

Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Technical Director: Giovanni Villari Office Manager: Tara Webb Stage Directions: Catherine Siracusa

Cawfee Tawk was performed 22nd – 23rd

Synopsis: In 1970, during the Vietnam War, childhood friends Maria, Luann, and Geri gossip about past relationships, including their personal ones. In Rosie’s apartment, Maria’s future mother-in-law, Rosie threatens to expose her secret from a past mistake if she doesn’t call off her wedding with her son.While Luann, an Irish-methodist struggles with the pressure of neighborhood rumors that her future husband is queer. Whereas twenty-three year-old, Geri is not concerned with her life decisions as she chooses a stable job career over a family.