Chip Off The Moon

An HB Staged Reading

Part of The 4th Seven Playwrights In Search Of A Production

Playwright: Bill QuigleyChip Off The Moon - HB Studio

Cast: Joseph Prussak, Briana Pozner, Kathryn Danielle, Matthew Conlon, Sean Walsh, Julie Kline, Fukumi Kashiwagi, Tokio Sasaki, Joseph Foley

(Managing Director): Marlene Mancini (Technical Director): Giovanni Villari (Office Manager): Christina Rouss

Chip Off the Moon was performed October 23rd – 24th, 2010

Synopsis: Chip Off the Moon is a family drama with a ferocious comic underbelly set in a working-class neighborhood in NYC in 1953. Lucy Marino, sharp-tongued and cuttingly funny, works in a baking factory making ‘Smiley Cookies.’ Lucy and husband, Marty, share their modest apartment with Grace, her aging mother, who has no idea she’s battling dementia. Grieving the loss of one son killed in World War II, Lucy continues to have a trying and turbulent relationship with her remaining son, Tommy, who steadfastly refuses to live his life as his mother would have it. This play explores the never-ending tug-of-war of generations; parents and children ever colliding over the dreams and expectations they hold for each other.

Chip Off The Moon - HB Studio