An HB Performance

Playwright: August Strindberg

Director: Herbert Berghof

Cast: Margaret Eginton, Paul Roebling, Alice McLane, Peter Byrnes, Sally Burtenshaw, Herbert Berghof

(Lighting): Lisa Pinkham (Sound): Robert Fleri (Costume): Lydia hamza (Stage Manager): Mia Alicea (Lighting Assistants): Sandt Litchfield, James Windus (Sound Assistant): Andrew Nelson

Easter was performed August 20th through August 31st, 1990

Synopsis: The Heyst family live under a shadow. The father is in prison for embezzlement and the daughter, Eleanora, has been committed to an asylum. Mrs Heyst and her son Elis live from day to day on the edge of collapse. They fear that they are on the brink of ruin, but as the snow melts and a single daffodil appears, Easter Eve brings them hope, joy and mercy.