Evening Two of Scenes

Playwrights: Clarice Blackburn, Norman Kennelly, Enid Rudd, Jesse I. Feiler, Dick Longchamps, Rose Tomsom, Louise Fitzhugh, Karen Ludwig, Virginia Woods, Walt Hudgins, Joe Molnar, Marshall Yaeger, Ellen Kay and Irven Rinard

Directors: Herbert Berghof, Elizabeth Dillon and Uta Hagen

Cast: Sydney Sloan, Joan Matthiessen. Russell Oberlin, Shirley Bodtke, Joan Fink, Pern Sloan, Albert Sinkys, Ken Kliban, Arnold Johnson, Susan Batson, James Patterson, Paul Draper, Barbara Tabor, Alice Spivak, Jess Osuna and Gabriel Amrani

Production Designer: Charles D. Tomlinson Costumes and Special Properties Designer: Kathe Berl Production Manager: Mickey Spiegel Stage Manager: Dolores Ferraro Stagehand: Marlene Mancini and George Monk Production Crew: Susan Carr, Michael Fruend, Tony Thomas, Mary Ann Rocco and Sharon Vogel Assistant to Mr. Tomlinson: Don Gaymond House Manager: Trent Gough

Evening Two of Scenes was performed May 1st – 16th of the year 1965.