Holding Hands

Playwright: George Howe Colt

Director: Marlene Mancini

Cast: Jennifer Michas, Andrew Buck. Danettte Pachtener, Brett Fadem, Kelly Michas, Steven Cook, Deirde Maganaro, Matthew Conlon, Isabelle Werenfels, Edward Connors, Jaime McIntosh, Stig Wemss, Carol Cadby, David Troup, Sally Burtenshaw, Brian Mulligan, Edith Meeks, Peter Taubman

Set Design: Peter Eastman Lighting: Anthony Quintavalla Costume Design: Lydia Maza Technical Director: Steven Cook  Stage Managers: Mary Ezell, Trish Geiger Production Electricians: Robert Fleri, Kathryn Williams Sound Technician: Angus Carnie Production Assistants: Thomas Mofatt, Andrea de Matteo House Manager: Becky Chapple Poster: Jeanine Scocozza

Holding Hands was performed July 12th – 24th of the year 1984.