Playwright: Peter Handke

Director: Herbert Berghof

Cast: E. G. Marshall, Jess Osuna, Frank Geraci, Brandwell Teuscher, Stephen Levi, Ronald Silver and Tom McCready

Translator: Michael Roloff Lighting and Set Director: Jennifer Tipton Costumes: Whitney Blausen Masks and Supervision: Bill Baird Mozart Cannons: Hyman Gubernick Production Manager: Marlene Mancini Secretary for the Playwrights Foundation: Peggy Penniman

Kaspar was performed May 11th – 20th of the year 1970.


Kaspar is based on the historical case of a 16-year-old boy who appeared from nowhere in Nuremberg in 1828 and who had to be taught to speak from scratch . . . Handke’s play is a downright attack on the way language is used by a corrupt society to depersonalize the individual.