Krapp’s Last Tape

Playwright: Samuel Beckett

Director: Samuel Beckett

Cast: Herbert Berghof

Set Designer: Dan Leigh Lighting Designer: Martin Tudor Costume Designer: Betty Martin Production Manager: Marlene Mancini Technical Director: Timothy Farmer Stage Manager: Anita Feldman Stage Manager: Brooks Porter Production Electrician: Douglas Murray Production Assistant: Marc Burd Production Assistant: Ellen Michaels Poster Designer: Ann Raychel Poster Designer: Robert Biro House Manager: Dawn Gallagher Hospitality: Mickie Gallagher, Vanessa French, and Rena Stavrolakes

Krapp’s Last Tape was performed May 30th – June 8th

Synopsis: Krapp is elderly and emotionally depressed man. It is his 69th birthday. To mark the occasion, Krapp first listens to a tape he made on his thirty-ninth birthday to record important events and thoughts of the past year. He reviews tapes when he was younger and reminisces those moments. The play ends with elderly Krapp staring at nothing while the tape plays only silence.