Lake Hollywood

An HB Ensemble Production

Playwright: John Guare HB Studio - Lake Hollywood

Director: Amy Wright

Cast: Georgina Bates, John FitzGibbon*, Richard Mawe*, Liam Mitchell*, Danae Torn*, Reed Birney*, Denise Lute*, Barry McBrien, Catherine Siracusa, Rip Torn*, Amy Wright*.

*Appearing courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association

Costume Designer: Juliann Kroboth Managing Director: Marlene Mancini Technical Director: Corrie Beth Allen Stage Manager: Jamila Whigham Assistant Stage Manager and Sound Operator: Lizzie Follie Sound Design: Alan Bluestone Construction: Giovanni Villari House Manager: Tom Tinelli Backstage: Jamila Wigham

Lake Hollywood was performed November 2nd – 19th, 2007

Synopsis: According to Agnes, August 15th is Virgin Mary’s day. If someone goes for a swim on Scroon Lake on that day they can be cured from any disease for the rest of the year. Agnes has been following this yearly tradition since she was a child and is thrilled that Andrew, her significant other joins her on this date for a swim in the lake. Florence (Flo) and her husband, Randolph along with his mother, Mrs. Larry also follow along for an afternoon picnic.This play takes place on a summer day in New Hampshire August 15th, 1940 and Hell’s Kitchen, NYC in the late 1980’s where married couple Agnes and Andrew, now a happy family in their late years reveal their hidden stories from over 50 years ago.