Lillian Yuralia

Playwright: Barbara Eda-Young Lillian Yuralia - HB Studio

Director: Austin Pendleton

Cast: Ezra Miller, George Morfogen*, Barbara Eda-Young*

*Appears courtesy of the Actor’s Equity Association

Lighting: Brian Nason Costume: Patricia Adshead, Catherine Siracusa Casting: Stephanie Klapper Managing: Marlene Mancini Technical Director: Corrie Beth Allen Office Manager: Tara Webb

Lillian Yuralia was performed January 18th – February 4th, 2008

Synopsis: An afternoon in late Autumn in 1930 Levy sits at his table sewing, on the other side of the divided apartment is Lillian with her fourteen year-old son, Yidl who is silent throughout their whole “conversation.” Moments later, a sudden incident with Lillian drives her to the other side of her apartment to Levy’s room where she and Yidl meet him. Lillian attempts to engage in several different conversations with Levy about his past including having a family and his solitude from the world. In the end, Yidl gains the courage to finally speak, but what does he talk about?