Love and War

Playwright: Romulus Linney

Director: Herbert Berghof (WHO IS BURIED IN GRANT’S TOMB?), Romulus Linney (CARNAL KNOWLEDGE)

Cast: Patrick McVey, Rik Pierce, Elinor Ellsworth, Richard Frey, Tonice Gwathney, Carol Pearce, Andre Serdriks, Jill Williams, Oliver Berg, Margaret Ritchie, Mason Adams 

Set and Lighting Designer: Jennifer Tipton Costume Designer: Whitney Blausen Production Manager: Marlene Mancini Stage Managers: Marlene Mancini Assistant Stage Manager: Jerry Iaia  Assistant to the Designer: Alicia Alwyn and Peter Zsiba Lighting Technicians: Antonio Canal and John Santaromita Production Assistants: Joanne Bayes, Michael Corder, Frank Croccitto, Richard Frey, Guadalupe, Phil Lerman, Tom MacCready, Jeffrey Mergardt and Andre Sedriks House Manager: Ann Dallwitz

Love and War was performed November 21st – 30th of the year 1968.