Moral Imperative

An HB Studio Performance

Part of The 4th Seven Playwrights In Search of A Production

Playwright: Samuel Warren JosephMoral Imperative - HB Studio

Cast: Joseph Prussak, Briana Pozner, Kathryn Danielle, Matthew Conlon, Sean Walsh, Julie Kline, Fukumi Kashiwagi, Tokio Sasaki, Joseph Foley.

(Managing Director): Marlene Mancini (Technical Director): Giovanni Villari (Office Manager): Christina Rouss

Moral Imperative was performed October 18th – 19th, 2010

Synopsis: Seth and Robert are academics who are convinced that their beloved Briarton University will just go straight to hell if it’s allowed to remain under the stewardship of their despised University President, Oscar. It doesn’t help matters that the Trustees passed over Seth and gave the presidency to Oscar, who wants to abolish faculty tenures as his first order of business. Robert and Seth love the world-class institution where they are employed. They feel a moral imperative to remove Oscar and plan to take steps to accomplish their aim. Pauline, a police detective, has other ideas about the actions of Seth and Robert, and their motives. Will Seth and Robert be able to pull off their scheme?

Moral Imperative - HB Studio