Prometheus Bound

Playwright: Robert Lowell

Director: Herbert Berghof

Cast: Herbert Berghof, Ben Tucker, Fritz Weaver, Hal Holden, Jill O’Hara, Nancy Donohue, Pennie du Pont, George Mathews, Uta Hagen, Frank Geraci

Design Consultant: Thomas Skelton Set Designer: Alan Greenspan Assistant to Designer: Susana Meye Assistant to Designer: Tim Farmer Costumes: Carol Oditz  Assistant to Costume Designer: Walter Ulasinski Lighting: Bil Baird Special Props and Properties: Kathe Berl and Hy Gubernick Music Editor: Marlene Mancini Production Manager: Zoe Myers Stage Manager: Tim Farmer and Jan Burns Production Assistant: Pamela Shandel Photography and Projections: Deidi von Schaewen and Micky Levy Research and Program Notes: Ann Raychel Posters: Alice Hermes Speech Consultant: Mickie Gallagher Hostess: Dawn Gallagher

Prometheus Bound was performed April 6th – 15th of the year 1973.