A Report to an Academy

An HB Studio Performance

Playwright: Franz Kafka

Director: Franz Kafka

Cast: Robert Elston

Set Designer: Dan Leigh Lighting Designer: Martin Tudor Costume Designer: Betty Martin Production Manager: Marlene Mancini Technical Director: Timothy Farmer Stage Manager: Anita Feldman and Brooks Porter Production Electrician: Douglas Murray Production Assistant: Marc Burd and Ellen Michaels Poster Designer: Ann Raychel and Robert Biro House Manager: Dawn Gallagher Hospitality: Mickie Gallagher, Vanessa French and Rena Stavrolakes

A Report to an Academy was performed May 30th – June 8th of the year 1975.

Synopsis: This play is about an ape named Red Peter who has learned to behave with human-like qualities. He makes a presentation at the request of a scientific academy about how he has achieved his remarkable transformation. Red Peter feels trapped between two worlds as well as his past and present lives. He recognizes that he has transitioned into something new, no longer representing what he used to in the form of an ape; however, in the human world, he is still perceived as such. He regrets that he cannot supply any more information about his life as an ape, recognizing that attempting to transition back to an ape is more difficult than his transition towards humanness. His only desire now is not to be judged for his behavior but rather to spread knowledge.