An HB Studio Production

 Playwright: Ugo Betti

Director: Carol Rosenfeld

Cast: Edith Meeks, Sally Burtenshaw, Sheryl White, Patricia O’ Grady, Thea D’ Aliva, Ben Walden, Brad Waller, Kenneth Furie, Frederikke Borge, Matthew Conlon, Jess Osuna, Francesco Zerlenga

Director: Carol Rosenfeld Set Design: Al Doyle Lighting: John Harrison Costume: Denise Hudson Sound: Robert Fleri Production Manager: Lawrence Arancio Stage Manager: Alice McLane Technical Director: Steven Cook Lighting Assistant: Ana Maia Rodriguez Wardrobe Mistress: Liz Yager Property Mistresses: Patricia Day, Mary Ezell Sound Technician: Christian Arin Production Electricians: Craig DuPlessis, Steve Cook Production Assistant: Anette Sorensen House Managers: Coral Bodkin, Jennifer Edwards, Ann Day, Princess Wilson Poster: Linda Pasteuing

Summertime was performed September 13th – 24th, 1989

Synopsis: Alberto has been seeing a young widow Noemi and she has mistaken his friendship for more. Her brother is upset that her feelings have been trifled with and they both set of after him. Alberto runs up into the mountains to hid with the picnickers. He meets Francesca who accidentally pushes him off a cliff.