The Apollo of Bellac

An HB Production

Playwright: Jean Giraudoux

Director: Marlene Mancini

Cast: Carlos Masero, Richard Mawe, Kerry Armstrong, Wallace Johnson, Ed Kershen, Ken Young, Craig Bacon, Jophi Ries, Carleton Carpenter, Dorthy Dorff, Barnetta Carter

(Set): Mina Albergo, (Lighting): Craig Miller, (Costumes): Patricia, (Production Manager): Marlene Mancini, (Technical Director): Robert Fleri, (Stage Manager): Mary Monier, (Assistant Stage Manager): Jolie Steckart, (Assistant to Craig Miller): Michael Baumgarten (Scenic Artists): Carolyn Leslie King, (Production Electrician): Joseph Ouellette, (Sound Electrician): Don Sileo, (Production Assistants): Anne Gillis, (House Managers): Sally Burtenshaw, (Poster): Margaret Ritchie

The Apollo of Bellac was performed July 27th-August 8th, 1983

Synopsis: Here is the quintessence of Giraudoux’s extraordinary imagination and style. A shy girl applying for a job at the Office of Inventions learns from a nondescript man that she can have her way with any man if she declares that he is as handsome as the nonexistent statue of the Apollo of Bellac. The play is alive with wry and trenchant observations on the comical attitudes and truths that men assume in life.