The Chase

An Ensemble Production

Playwright: Horton FooteThe Chase - HB Studio

Director: Rochelle Oliver

Cast: Matthew Conlon, Nick DeSimone, Katy Frame, Duncan Hazard, Gregory Higgins, Catherine Kjome, Johanna Leister, Arnie Mazer, Andy McCutcheon, Tom Tinelli, Giovanni Villari

Lighting: John Burkland Managing: Marlene Mancini Stage: AJ Dobbs Office Manager: Christina Roussos Costume: Patricia Ashead, Catherine Siracusa

The Chase was performed September 13th – October 1st, 2009

Synopsis: Sheriff Hawes, police of Richmond, Texas and a man he convicted long ago has escaped from the penitentiary. With possibility that Bubber Reeves, the convicted, might come after him, he tries to keep the town from panicking.