The Dark Lady of the Sonnets

An HB Performance

Playwright: George Bernard Shaw

Director: Francesco Zerlenga

Cast: Richard Mawe, David Troup, Brian Mulligan, Patricia O’ Grady, Sally Burtenshaw

Costumes: Anna Hill Johnstone Set: Hal Tine Lighting: Howell Binkley Production Manager: Marlene Mancini Technical Director: Steven Douglas Cook Costume Assistant: Lydia Hamza Director’s Assistant: Andrea Grover Stage Manager: Scott Kuchak Assistant Stage Managers: Ann Day, Rudy Mella Electrician: Meg Ryan Sound: Michelle von Rheinhardt Wardrobe: Therese Traber Poster: Diana Perez

The Dark Lady of the Sonnets was performed March 14th – 26th

Synopsis: It is midsummer night on the terrace of the Palace at Whitehall, overlooking the Thames. The Palace clock chimes four quarters and strikes eleven. The Man arrives at Whitehall where he meets a Beefeater guard. He persuades the Beefeater to allow him to stay to meet his girlfriend, a lady of the court, who will be arriving soon for a secret tryst. The Man notes down various interesting phrases used by the Beefeater. The Lady arrives, cloaked, but it is not the woman he is expecting. The Man immediately falls for her.