The Diary of a Nobody

Playwright: George and Weedon Grossmith

Director: Majorie Sigley

Cast: Jonathan Bolt, Sanford Morris, Evelyn Tracy, Kenneth Hill, Howard Roller, John Thomas Waite, Michael Mantel, Jessica Hull, Stephaney Lloyd, Mary Shelley, Dorothy Dorff, Louis Bonacki, Michael Vanni and George Crowley

Original Music and Lyrics: James Litt Scene: Dan Leigh Costume: Betty Martin Lighting: Martin Tudor Production Management: Marlene Mancini Stage Management: Robert Cook and John Carle Musical Accompaniment: James Litt and Larry Hamre Assistant Director: Leslie Leonelli Technical Director: Timothy Farmer Electrician for the Production: John Carle Research and Special Assistance: Mary Douglas Hospitality: Dawn Gallagher, Mickie Gallagher, Vanessa French and Rena Stavrolakes

The Diary of a Nobody was performed April 26th – May 4th of the year 1975.