The Ex-Expatriate

Playwright: Donna de Matteo

Director: Herbert Berghof

Cast: Rosemary De Angelis, Frank Geraci, Thayer David, Diana Lorena De Oliveira E Silva, Antonio Ramos De Silva, Mike Kellin, Genevieve Gilles and Karen Leslie

Designer: Lester Polakov Lighting: R.S. Winkler Costumes: Deborah Warhaftig Production Manager: Marlene Mancini  Technical Director: Brandwell Teuscher Stage Manager: Alan Weinstein Assistant Technical Director: Albert Di Martino Assistant to Lester Polakov: Susana Mayer Posters: Ann Raychel Director for the Foundation: Susan German

The Ex-Expatriate was performed July 7th – 16th of the year 1972.