The Game of Love and Death

Playwright: Romain Rolland

Director: Herbert Berghof

Cast: Kerry Armstrong, Sally Burtenshaw, Alexander Bernstein, David Haber, Timothy Bowles, Anna Katarina, Matthew Conlon, Herbert Berghof, Clark Middleton, Robert Barnes, Fabian Imprescia, Barnetta Carter and Nicolas Allwright

Set Design: Mina Albergo Lighting Design: Howell Binkley Costume Design: Clare Gosney Sound Design: Terry Van Richardson Production Manager: Marlene Mancini Technical Director: Robert Fleri Musical Advisor: Kenneth Furie Costume Assistant: Sydney Brooks Stage Managers: Amy Darnton and Mara Lynn Assistant Stage Managers: Edith Meeks and Sheryl White Production Electricians: Thomas Moffatt and Joseph Ouellette Production Assistant: Kimberly Messner House Managers: Loretta Church and Layne Huckabay Poster: Mark Kaczmarczyk Portrait: Kathe Berl Understudy for female roles: Edith Meeks Understudy for male roles: Mike Leighton

The Game of Love and Death was performed May 31st – June 11th of the year 1984.